Dr Rifai, Credentials for THE VIRTUAL NEPHROLOGIST

Credentials of The Virtual Nephrologist




Geographical Origin, WASH Access, and Clinical Descriptions for Patients Admitted to a Cholera Treatment Center in Northwest Syria between October and December 2022

Ahmad Hmaideh, Maia C. Tarnas, Wasim Zakaria, Ahmad Oussama Rifai, Mosab Ibrahem, Yaser Hashoom, Nusaima Ghazal, Aula Abbara.

 Glomerulonephritis Associated With Infected Cardiac Pacemaker Lead Mimics Infective Endocarditis-Associated Glomerulonephritis With Resolution After Lead Removal: A Case Report and Literature Review

Jaime Said, Bridget Budny, Alexandra Sappington, Tiffany Caza, Ahmad O. Rifai, Sarah Rifai, Kristin M. Denig

Cutaneous Leukocytoclastic Vasculitis Induced by Apixaban and/or Rivaroxaban With Seronegative Anti-Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibody (ANCA) Titers: A Case Report and Literature Review             

Mohamad El-Sabbagh, Sarah Rifai, Zainalabedeen M. Sabah, Adam M. Tarakji, Ahmad O. Rifai, Sally Dahan, Kristin M. Denig

Assisted Home Hemodialysis Model, IT IS TIME,…. NOT…. “Is it Time”?

Ahmad Oussama Rifai

Renal Endometriosis in a Postmenopausal Female Mimics Renal Cell Carcinoma   

Kevin D. Healey, Andrew B. Herson, Davong D. Phrathep, Conli Schwarz, Carlos E. Ramos, Ahmad O. Rifai

Retrospective analysis of operative time and time to discharge for laparoscopic vs robotic approaches to appendectomy and cholecystectomy

Ahmad Oussama Rifai, Emily M. Rembetski, Larry Collins Stutts, Zachary D. Mazurek, Jenifer L. Yeh, Kareem Rifai, Ryan A. Bear, Alexander J. Maquiera, David J. Rydell

Journal of Robotic Surg (2023).

Dealing with dramatic health care problems during times of natural disaster and armed conflict

Alasfar S, Zakaria W, Nasan KH, Zanabli AR, Al-Saghir F, Rifai AO, Luycks V, Murad L, Kaysi S, Al-Makki A, Sekkarie M

Kidney International, KI, 05-2023

Successful Surgical Management of Urethral Prolapse in a postmenopausal Female

Kevin D. Healey, Davong D. Phrathep, Andrew B. Herson, Kaila R. Fives, Jenna R. Hurley, Carlos E. Ramos, Ahmad O. Rifai

A Rare Presentation of Rhodococcus Equi Bacteremia as a Result of Right Upper Arm Cellulitis: A Case Report and Literature Review

Keana-Kelley D. Swanner, Riya Patel, Thuy T. Nguyen, Felicia N. Patel, Raul Magadia, Ahmad O. Rifai, Margaret Davenport

Antitubular Basement Membrane Antibody Disease Associated with Nivolumab Infusion and Concomitant Acute Pyelonephritis Leading to Acute Kidney Injury : a Case Report and Literature Review

Ahmad Oussama Rifai, Kristin M. Denig,Tiffany Caza, Shana M. Webb, Sarah Rifai, Sarah Khan, Sally Dahan, and Samaa Alamin

Case Reports in Nephrology, vol. 2023, Article ID 6681756, 5 pages, 2023.

Successful Treatment of Renal Cell Carcinoma Pulmonary Embolism Using Inari FlowTriever System

Rachel Hess, Zachary Mazurek, Adena Zadourian, Jessica Stahl, Ahmad O. Rifai and Harini Bejjanki

Clin Image Case Rep J. 2022; 4(11):274

A Fatal Case of Isolated Renal Mucormycosis in an Immunocompetent Male

Kevin D. Healey, Davong D. Phrathep, Stefan Anthony, Michael A. Jenkins, Lynda Gentchev, Ahmad O. Rifai

Hernia Causing Ureteral Obstruction with Hydronephrosis and Subsequent Urinary Tract Infection and Sepsis                                

Kevin D. Healey, Ahmad O. RifaiAlexander J. Maqueira, William Kantrales, Courtney Albury

Peritoneal Dialysate Leak Mistaken as Fournier’s Gangrene

Kareem Rifai, Ahmad Oussama Rifai, Sidra Shakil, Mohammad Mehio, Sami M. Rifai and Sarah Rifai

Edwardsiella tarda: A Classic Presentation of a Rare Fatal Infection, with Possible New Background Risk Factors

Kevin D. Healey, Sami M. Rifai, Ahmad Oussama Rifai, Masha Edmond, Daniel S. Baker, Kareem Rifai

Hemodialysis Machines capable of Performing Isolated Ultrafiltration in the Absence of Adequate Water Supply Are Needed During Disasters

Mohamed Sekkarie, Padam Hiracham, Khaldoun Soudan, Ahmad Oussama Rifai

Impact of a Hurricane on Dialysis Patients: A Case Study. A Oussama Rifai, Harini Bejjanki

Delayed Diagnosis of Colonic Adenocarcinoma in a 30-Year-Old Postpartum Woman Misdiagnosed with HELLP Syndrome

Alexander J. Maqueira, Ahmad O. Rifai, Courtney Albury, William A. Kantrales, David Rydell, and Henry Breland

A Case Report on Pasteurella Multocida Peritoneal Dialysis-Associated Peritonitis: When Cats Think Medical Equipment Are Toys

Saeid Mirzai, Ahmad Oussama Rifai, Aron Tidrick, Qitan Huang, Justin Hale

Successful external cephalic version in a patient with uterus didelphys and fetal malpresentation

Saeid Mirzai, Samuel Brian Wolf, Saima Mili, Ahmad Oussama Rifai

Probable Clostridium septicum pneumocephalus in a user of natural remedies with newly diagnosed diabetes mellitus, type 1

Saeid Mirzai, Ahmad Oussama Rifai, Shana Webb, Kareem Rifai, Amanda Reiner

New Approach to Orogastric Tube Placement in the Intensive Care Unit and the Emergency Department.

Rifai AO, Intern Med, an open access journal, Inter Med 2018, 8:4

DOI:  10.4172/2165-8048.1000288

Continuous venovenous hemofiltration using a stand-alone blood pump for acute kidney injury in field hospitals in Syria

A Oussama Rifai, Lina B Murad, Mohamed A Sekkarie, Akram A Al-Makki, Abdul R Zanabli, Anas A Kayal and Khaldoun A Soudan

Kidney Int 2015 87: 254-261; 10.1038/ki.2014.334

Credentials for The Virtual Nephrologist


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